Finally a digital identity for Switzerland


The Swiss National Council has approved the Federal act for the introduction of an electronic identity (E-ID). In so doing, it is following the proposal of the Federal Council. An E-ID will enable citizens to securely identify themselves on the internet, communicate easily with authorities and access different online services using a single identifier. CloudTrust - an ELCA company is a private provider of an exclusively Swiss solution that meets all the data protection and security requirements for an E-ID.

Legal certainty and trust are the most important commodities of an open society, and are a fundamental prerequisite for a functioning economy. Switzerland is securing this pillar of society. Although most business and administrative processes are processed digitally, Switzerland is still not fully digitalised. For example, until now it has not been possible to unequivocally establish the identity of business partners. This generates significant administrative costs, makes it more difficult to protect people and businesses, and is open to fraud. The National Council did not dispute the fact that Switzerland needs an electronic E-ID. However, some members of the National Council criticised the Federal Council’s intention that private providers would issue the E-ID and the state would only conduct checks. The IT industry sees as unfounded the fear that this could result in a law for a monopoly provider. There are sufficient competitive providers in the Swiss market that have not only the technical expertise but also an understanding of user-friendly solutions.


ELCA welcomes the National Council's decision to introduce an officially verified and recognised E-ID that can be used for a multitude of online services. This represents an important step towards Switzerland's digitalisation, which ELCA has been involved in shaping for over 50 years.


ELCA Group  is itself an IT provider of electronic identities and secure identification, with over 15 years’ experience in this field. The trustID solution, which CloudTrust - an ELCA comapny developed and operates exclusively in Switzerland, meets the very highest security requirements. The solution offers a wide variety of identification methods, ranging from paper cards to biometric recognition, for both desktop and mobile use.

trustID is an open-source solution based on standard technologies, which can be easily integrated into existing environments. Available by default as a cloud service, trustID can also be purchased as a licensed or white-label product. This enables customers or authorities to operate the solution themselves if they wish. trustID will very shortly be going live in the eHealth market as an electronic patient record solution.


Certified in December 2019, trustID is ready for you to be used ! Contact us for more information. 




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