TrustID for eGovernment

One trusted digital identity for your citizens

Make your eServices fly and get the benefit you expect. The E-ID is a key infrastructure element on which further digital services like end-to-end digital e-government, e-health, e-education or e-commerce are built – and it is ready today. An important contribution to the digital transformation of Switzerland.

Catrine Sutter
Senior Manager

With the evolving legal framework, it is tedious to ensure the digital identity you provide to citizens is certified and secure.

This is where TrustID, CloudTrust’s secure and certified digital identity provider solution, comes into play. Certified in December 2019 it is ready to be issued and used.

With its extensive healthcare and eGovernment experience, ELCA Group will help you make it work.

TrustID: an independant and certified IDP

CloudTrust’s TrustID is built from the ground up with healthcare and eGovernment needs in mind and meets the severe requirements of the Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record (EPRA, currently the only federal certification for E-ID) as well as of the upcoming Electronic Identity Services Act (EISA) for the protection of digital data and identity.

  • Strong multi-factor authentication: TrustID is a digital identity provider solution with strong but easy to use multi-factor authentication options.
  • Wide distribution: TrustID provides a self-enrolment portal for citizens to ease the creation of their digital identity without the need to go to a physical office.
  • Certified physical and video identification: TrustID includes certified physical and video identification solutions to let you master the required Know Your Customer (KYC) processes.
  • Digital signature: TrustID integrates a certified digital signature to ease the citizen with an all-in-one solution.
  • Simple integration: TrustID is based on open-source standard technology, allowing for simple integration into the client’s ecosystem, and avoiding any vendor lock-in in the future.
  • Cost optimisation: citizens can use their TrustID to access both eHealth and eGov services. (one identity, one fixed annual fee without transaction costs)

One TrustID, many flavours

  • TrustID runs in many flavours that suits your financial and sovereignty needs:
    • as a SaaS solution with a per identity price: no investment needed and predictable operational costs
    • as an “on premises” solution where you can sovereignly emit digital identities (white label) and master your operational costs
    • as a corporate solution with utmost flexibility when eHealth and eGov certifications are not needed
  • One TrustID to cover all your digital identity needs: corporate, eGovernement, eHealth, eCommerce, eLaw.


Our services smooth your digital identity integration

  • eHealth and eGov applications integration: CloudTrust can accompany you in linking your existing applications and services. Thanks to our certification experience, we can also integrate and certify your systems and services. We can also help you define the use cases and procedures to make you become a sovereign digital identity provider. We follow a pragmatic methodology by organising trade workshops alongside you, so that we can prepare the most relevant use cases and define solutions together.
  • Security reinforcement and opening of your digital ecosystem to your partners: Our advice covers cybersecurity risk analysis as well as recommendations to ensure the security of your digital transformation. We also aid in the implementation of security elements such as API gateways and secure microservices architecture.
  • TrustID implementation: Our cybersecurity consultants have more than 15 years’ experience in implementing CIAM and strong authentication solutions. We assist our clients with the implementation of secure digital identity solutions and identity federation-


Why CloudTrust and TrustID?

As a subsidiary of the ELCA Group, CloudTrust is helping companies/corporations and individuals to secure their sensitive data and personal information. CloudTrust designs, develops, integrates and maintain the product TrustID. TrustID is an Identity Provider (IDP) solution compliant with Swiss eID regulation and is certified according to the Federal Law on the Electronic Patient File. Available as a SaaS or on-premises solution, the product is developed, operated and hosted in Switzerland in ELCA's sovereign Cloud Infrastructure.

The TrustID solution is fully developed and operated in Switzerland and meets the highest current security requirements, as well as future requirements for the electronic identification for e-ID citizens. The solution is also deployed today for edulog (Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education) to manage the identities of the schoolchildren in all the cantons.


Contact: Catrine Sutter

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