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Keep control on your personal data

Catrine Sutter
Senior Manager

All your personal data are stored securely and encrypted in our swiss based infrastructure. As you are the only owner of your data, no monetization is made with your personal information nor your access history.

The solution is based on open source technology, allowing any interested person to fully audit our source code. TrustID is a full stack, multi-factor authentication solution and Identity Provider that meets the mobility and security needs of nomadic users.

With TrustID, can you connect to online services, no difference if you are a private person or an employee of one of our partners.

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trustID can also act as identity broker, bringing your organization a single and secured point of entry to be accessed by several other existing identity providers.

As a private and independent company, we put high effort/importance in securing your digital identity

Using trustID, you can manage your different access profiles easily to secure your password, as an additional authentication factor or even to completely replace your password. We offer several authentication factors, like mobile application, SMS, fingerprint, face recognition. More to come, like real biometry authentication.

With the evolving legal framework, it is tedious to ensure the digital identity you provide to citizens and corporations is certified and secure.


Certified in December 2019, trustID is ready for you to  use! 


Contact us and convince yourself about the leading edge technology trustID is delivering!

Contatto: Catrine Sutter

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